Reputation Management: A New Wing to Corporate Public Relations

Over the years, the field of public relations (PR) has grown leaps and bounds. The scope of this service has spread to lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, corporate offices and more areas. The major task of any PR company is to build brands and keep the image of their client’s spick and span with the help of media. Another new development in the world of PR is the concept of ‘online reputation management’ (ORM). It is becoming the new thing that every client wants for their brand or company. Here is everything you need to know about this concept.

Purpose: The sole motive is to maintain and develop the brand name. A reputation management company studies the online and offline image of the client and accordingly. The basic work of the public relations agent is to generate a positive buzz about the client via online articles, social media posts, and other online events. They also make sure that no negative content about the client goes around on the digital platform. Online Reputation Management in India is pretty detail-oriented.

Clientele: ORM services can be availed by a variety of clients from fields like lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, corporate businesses, sports and entertainment celebrities and more. There is a wide scope for a variety of clients. To manage a brand’s online reputation can be a huge responsibility and it can be quite a task to manage it successfully.

Management: There is a designated agent who takes care of all the proceedings involved in building and maintaining the reputation of the client. A person must be solely dedicated to keeping track of the online activities that happen regarding the client and eliminate any negative publicity from the internet. This has to be a well-planned process that must be followed to perfection. Most corporate clients want their PR agencies to understand these requirements and to keep their online reputation intact.

Challenges: The glitches that can come in this job might be the process of bringing down negative articles and excerpts that have been posted on reputed online portals. From approaching the editor to convincing the portal to bring down, a certain negative write-up can come as a challenge. Another challenge might be to come up with counter stories for the digital platform to uplift the brand image of a certain client.

These are the aspects of this new-found service of corporate PR that is gaining much popularity every day. There is still so much to explore in the field of public relations, and reputation management is just the start of the new trend.


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