Reputation Management: Damage Control Measures

Managing corporate reputation is the newest wing of Public Relations agencies. This is one of the most important aspects of keeping the image of a particular company positive. It is a fact that in today’s fast-paced world where digital media outruns everything, it can be quite tough to cope up with the various negative comments, reviews, and remarks online. Whenever a negative story or comment circulates in the digital space, there are certain measures that a PR team can take to curb further damage. The following are the things that a crisis communication team can do to prevent a company from forming a negative online reputation.

Verify the Facts: There are times when certain negative reviews are posted on social media websites as well as search engine review sections. This could be done by either a customer or a fraudulent agent who simply wants to defame the company. As a part of a crisis planning, you need to have people in your team who will fact check and verify if the negative text online is a real person or a fake entity.

Take Correct Measures: If the review or comment is real, this is what you can do. Understand the comment and make a note of it so that a certain mistake does not happen again. You need to notify your company about the displeasure faced by your customers and ensure that such things do not repeat. Apart from this, you can come up with a logical and apologetic reply that will satisfy your customer. Always remember that your goal is to stay calm and solve problems.

Strategize Positive Comments: Most reviews on the internet are towards the negative side than the positive. This is because no one makes an effort to post a review when something good happens. Only for complaints, people post terrible reviews. The solution is pretty simple and must start right from the inception of your venture. You can request your consumers to leave reviews about your product. This will balance out the negative and positive comments and create a better reputation for your products or services.

Look for Positivity: No, not in a poetic way. You need to have agents who will fish for positive remarks, stories, and reviews about your company and bring them to the forefront. Reposting comments, re hashing opinions, and thanking people online for their valuable remarks are some ways to go about it.

These are some ways that can help you stop the conversation and control damage for your company. A strong team and a solid crisis communication plan can help you build the trust of your customers, in turn, creating goodwill for your organisation.


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