Changing Face of Political Campaigning Strategies in India

Election campaigns are not easy as it seems to be. You know that there are no runner-up aspects, you either lose the election or win it. It completely depends upon your political campaign strategies you make use of. When talking about the same, it is noticed that the political parties have rarely moved from the traditional methods of broadcasting the campaigns through posters, on television, radio and so on. These methods or strategies have definitely served their purpose for some political parties. However, potential voters are always looking for candidates that come up with new and innovative strategies in order to interact with the audience.

After all, there is no harm in adopting new and enhanced methods when it comes to talking about political campaigns. When talking about the same, it is now time to take a step towards digital medium to interact and reach out to the audience. However, there is also a drawback in using this medium, especially for rural voter banks as they tend to have limited access to internet and smartphones. One of the major reason why not many national political campaigns tend to make use of digital channels is because the majority of the voting bank is rural. You should know, in order to win the election, the political campaign should reach out to every audience. This is one of the major reason why traditional and old methods will always rule.

However, now a lot of political bodies are making use of digital channels as they are effective and efficient. It helps in reaching out to a large audience within limited time frame. Using digital channels is one of the greatest campaigning strategies for elections and should be incorporated into every political body. You can look at the 2014 Modi campaign that made use of social media channels and date in order to target the voters. These channels were also used to market their candidates in an effective way. Modi made use of voice broadcasting to target the mobile only voters. This was done by understanding the preferences of the voters which helped in placing the ads which had the higher chances of being clicked and seen. This political campaign gained immense popularity and spread effectively over mobile and the internet.

Now that you are aware of the changing face of the election campaign strategies, you are advised to hire the experts to carry out the task. These experts make use of unique polling methodologies and right election campaign management that works towards getting more votes. With the large team of statisticians, polling experts and social scientists, the experts help in generating right insights.


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