Online Reputation Management: The Ultimate Guide

If you own a company, you understand the importance of having a strong and positive reputation. After all, a single negative remark or comment is more than enough to ruin the image of your company. What took you years to build can be easily ruined in a second or so. Online reputation management plays a prominent role as it is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Googles the name of your company. Google is definitely one of the major reason when it comes to searching for something or about someone. In fact, even hiring managers tend to Google you to know more about you.

When talking about same, Google will show everything that has been posted about it, whether positive or negative. The same can be avoided by hiring experts offering reputation management solutions. The experts will show on how to promote positive content on top of the search results and get rid of the unwanted or negative content, further down. In this, only the positive and relevant content is shown it the top results when someone Googles you. However, it is completely up to you to make a good impression. To help you in the same, mentioned is a guide that might prove useful. The steps mentioned below help you access your online reputation and how to manage it:

Google Yourself

One of the primary step when accessing your online reputation is typing the name of your company in the Google search bar. While doing so, ensure you have signed out of your Google account. Keeping it signed in can alter your search results. In simple terms, it will give results that are relevant to your location. Other than this, try using variations while searching for yourself.

Know the Google Ranking Category

Now that the Google search results are in front of you get to know the category under which your Google rank and online reputation falls. You are highly advised to concentrate on the first page results alone, as not many tend to go to the second page.

· Negative – This is a category you definitely do not want to be in. But then, it does not mean your company is not good. In this world of social networking, anyone can tarnish your image by posting a negative comment or update.

· Positive – This clearly shows you fall under positive category, meaning you have a great image in the online world.

· Irrelevant – There are times when irrelevant search results tend to pop up when someone searches for you.

Check Your Social Accounts

Your social media account is bound to show up in the search engine results. You are advised to focus on major accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. While doing so, check for any negative comment or posts about you.

These are some of the aspects you need to know about proper online reputation management. Hire experts for more details.


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