10 Ways the Internet Changed Political Campaigning


The advent of the internet has definitely given millions of reasons to simplify the work, no matter how minor or major it is. As far as the political campaign is concerned, you will find a lot of competitors making use of the internet to reach out to potential voters. You should know, political campaigns are all about building strong relationships with voters. To ensure you get maximum votes, using innovative political campaign strategies is vital. Going digital is one of the best ways to ensure your campaign gets a great deal of attention.

The face of political campaigning has definitely changed a lot. Mentioned are some of the ways that the internet has contributed in doing the same:

Wider Reach

You can say, the reach of political communication aided by the internet has changed the face of political campaigning to a great extent. Earlier, it was just pamphlets and brochures that did the job of sending out the required message. However, with the introduction of various social media channels, majorly Facebook and Twitter, it helps politicians to run their campaign without any hassle. A single tweet or a Facebook post is more than enough to reach out to millions of voters instantly. You will find a lot of politicians now make use of social media channels to run a campaign, to send out a message or interact with potential voters.


Some of the social media channels are versatile from one another. A political campaign that is sent out on radio requires strong message and voice. However, it is not the same with social media channels. While politicians are looking for using various campaigning strategies for elections, it becomes important you are with the technology. The internet has great versatility when it comes to communicating a direct and right message. You can directly send a document in PDF format via mail regarding the policy details. Apart from this, potential politicians can even use Instagram for users who are attracted to visuals.


For any political campaign to be successful, it becomes important to have a solid plan. You are required to plan ahead of months to ensure everything goes smoothly. There are a lot of factors to consider from knowing which emails are to be sent out, what design should the website have and so on. Well, not anymore. Political campaigns have stopped following a rigid plan but focus more on user preferences. For the same, the campaign is tested rigorously to ensure it meets voter’s needs. A number of customised e-mails are sent, and even different versions of the campaign website are displayed to a number of groups. This helps them understand what the voters what and so on.

These are the three major ways that show how the internet has changed the political campaigning.


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