5 Steps to Planning an Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy is definitely an effective tool for people who wish to contribute towards social change, to influence a public opinion or even solve a problem. Having good reputation plays a prominent role for any business. The corporate reputation management and campaigns carried out engage the most influential in order to create advocates. These campaigns go a long way in helping a business face the problem when it is online or offline. If you want to be successful in the advocacy work, then having a plan in mind is of paramount importance.

To help you in the same, mentioned are the five major steps towards planning an advocacy campaign:

Set a Goal

This is one of the primary steps and should not be neglected. Setting a goal is needed when it comes to planning an advocacy campaign. As an organisation, you need to have an understanding of what you are working towards. This makes setting a goal easy. For the same, you might have to do some research work and even have a thorough understanding of the cause. This also includes your supporters on what they think about your cause. This helps you to know whether the goal is realistic.

Define your Message

Once your goal is next, the next step is all about defining your message. You should know, your message is what joins your company and will attract individuals to your campaign. An advocacy campaign without a defined message will not attract any person. Potential supporters definitely want to know what the campaign is all about.

Have a Team

Now that you have a goal and message in hand, you will need a team to spread this message to potential supporters. This is where the importance of building a team comes into the picture. If you already a team on board, well and good. But if you do not then you will have to build one. Ensure the team you create spreads the message in a right way. Ensure your supporters are well educated as far as the campaign is concerned.

Map Out a Timeline

Having a timeline to know when this campaign will take place is another vital step to consider. Have a specific timeline. For the same, you have to decide on the benchmarks and map out when you want to reach to certain checkpoints.

Enhance Your Communications

Step five is all about carrying out the good work. For the same, you will need a means of channelling. In simple terms, it means communications and activities. Ask your team to send out communications in the right way by hosting various activities.

These are the five major steps or reputation management strategy a business needs to follow for an effective advocacy campaign.


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