Three Best Reputation Management Strategies

With all the wide variety of customer and brand interaction going on across the globe today, the ability to influence the customer perception by the brands and the companies is more than critical today and that ultimately influences the business as well.

This is where the reputation comes into play it does matter a lot for sales. It is more than true that a dissatisfied customer will have bad things to say about the company. Especially with the growth of business review websites the dissatisfied customers have a lot more say. It is because of what they say, they end up influencing a lot of people and turn the tables around.

1. International reputation management

Reputation for a big international business is very much a tricky subject because the culture of the consumers varies hugely in different international regions, however there are a few things to consider before going in for an international reputation management company

It is always better to have a reputation management leader be someone who is very aware of the f differences of the cultures and expectations. The biggest disasters happen when the business tend to be short sighted to the culture differences. So if there is one who understands that, it becomes a huge plus.

The brand presence should be established on the local specific social media. For instance having a WhatsApp presence is crucial in many parts of South America. Many different places in Asia use many different social media platform than America does.

One also has to solicit the reviews in a positive way. You can send customers free samples of the product for better value propositions.

2. Retail reputation management

Another very good reputation management strategy is when one has a plan that aptly respond to negative reviews , the plan should ideally have a lot of concessions to the consumer , I might just be a giveaway or a refund. This way it builds barrier in the minds of the customer against negative reviews because the negative reviews tank sales.

You have to build on positive reviews, you can do it by ensuring your most highly reviewed products are the first products that you recommend to consumers whether it is your online customer or on person

You also have to work on and build brand loyalty – it should be a routine to request for reviews and feedback to your users and after that you have to make them feature on to your website which is again a plus as it works to transform the negative thoughts of a consumer into a positive one and ultimately drive sales.

3. Start up reputation management

You cannot build a positive image for your brand if you do not have a good reputation or no reputation at all. Start up reputation management strategy is like building a good publicity.

You should beta test your products with potential clients first , you should bever launch a product without testing it on aa prospective client base , you should perhaps give it away for free so that you can ask your recipients for their reviews, if in case you get any negative reviews start working at hem as soon as possible.

The final point to be made in here is that you have to madly better yourself in making great customer relations , you have to be personal and make sure that the interaction with some of your initial customers are personal.


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