Crisis Management – A Detailed Insight


Problems or emergency can arise anytime and without any warning. Every business at some point in time tends to face either minor or major problem. The way the crisis is handled plays a prominent role. A lot of companies are of the view that keeping quiet is the right answer thinking people will forget about the situation. However, not answering is also an effective way to aggravate the situation. Instead of solving, it just worsens the whole situation. This is where the importance of proper crisis planning and management comes into the picture.

Before you come to planning and management, it is wise to have a detailed insight on the same.

What Exactly Is Crisis?

Crisis, as the name suggests, is basically an unexpected event that causes a lot of unrest among the individuals and company. In short, a crisis is best described as an emergency situation that tends to disturb the employees thus causing instability in the company. Crisis as the whole can affect an individual, company or society.

Crisis Characteristics

There are a number of characteristics associated with the crisis. Some of them include:

· Crisis arises anytime and without any warning

· It appears on a short notice

· It is basically a sequence of events that are disturbing and harming to the company.

Crisis Management

Companies, no matter small or large are bound to face a crisis at some point in time. It is of paramount importance for the companies to face the situation than running away from it. Proper planning and effective crisis communication are what you need to ensure you face the situation. When talking about crisis communication, it is all about determining the spokesperson who will be representing the company as the whole. Ensure the spokesperson you choose is expert and can handle the situation as it comes. Any unexpected event or situation tend to hinder the employee’s and company’s performance. This is one of the major reason why hiring crisis management experts are needed.

Essential Features of Crisis Management

There are a number of features that talk about crisis management. Some of them include:

Crisis management helps both the employees and managers to respond to a situation effectively.

Proper crisis management and use of right crisis communication strategy that includes activities and processes help the managers to analyse and understand the situation better.

Furthermore, it works towards effective coordination among different department to overcome an emergency situation with concrete solutions.

Some tips:

· During an emergency situation that needs to be addressed, ensure it is done in a proper manner with strategies in hand.

· Ensure not to keep mum, but speak about it

· Do not hide any facts you have as this might prove useful in the long run

· Be in constant touch with the employees, stakeholders, media, clients and more.


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